The Sabras Band - Los Angeles international variety band
Klezmer, Latin, Jewish, Israeli, Greek & Middle Eastern music.
The Sabras International Band

The most noticeable quality about The Sabras band is their musical diversity and large repertoire.

The band play Sixties, seventies and eighties Rock, ballroom and Swing, Klezmer, Latin, Israeli, Greek, Middle Eastern and World music.

The Sabras band has been performing in Los Angeles throughout California, across the USA and overseas in Canada, Mexico, Panama, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.


Gust Of Winds - Yosi Saffi levy - accoustic guitar

The band Leader Guitarist singer Yosi Saffi Levy is a virtuoso on the acoustic and electric guitar and one of the most requested international performers in Los Angeles.

Yosi adds a lot of his charisma, energy and humor to his show and the results are good music and a lot of energy.

Yosi Saffi Levy
& The Sabras Band

Los Angeles, California
91316 USA 818-706-8765

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