The Sabras Band - Los Angeles international variety band
Klezmer, Latin, Jewish, Israeli, Greek & Middle Eastern music.
Rock and International music

International Music

The L.A based international band The Sabras, with lead singer Yosi Saff Levy,
play a large variety of international music such as Latin, Salsa, Greek, Israeli, Arabic and some Italian, French, russian, Indian, Armenian and Persian. 

The Band perform songs of Julio Iglesias, Gypsy King, Luis Miguel, Alabina and Amir Diab, as well as Moroccan and middle eastern music.

Sixties Medley

In the early days, The Sabras played heavy Rock music like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Now a days they play Sixties, Seventies and eighties Rock, swing and ballroom, Beatles, Santana, Eagles and others.

The Band play and sing as many as 15 languages and styles of music, from flamenco and romance to Rock`N`Roll.

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